23 Best Fun Things to Do in Crestview (FL)

Fun Things to Do in Crestview. Are you looking for the most enjoyable activities within Crestview, FL? There are many interesting places to go in Crestview to make your trip memorable.


Fun Things to Do in Crestview

Crestview is also known by the name of “Hub City,” and it is the principal hub for transportation. It is situated in the area where Interstate 10, US Route 90, as well as the Florida Gulf & Atlantic Railroad along with State Road 85, intersect.

Crestview is the largest City located in Okaloosa County, Florida, United States. It also serves as home to Okaloosa County. The population of the city was 27,820 as of 2021.

Crestview was named after its position, which is due to the fact that it sits on an elevated forested ridge that runs through the middle of two rivers: The Yellow River and the River Shoal.

It was frequently referred to in the form of the “Icebox of Florida” due to the fact that its elevation was a major contributor to the harshest winters.

The year 2005 was the time that Crestview was named the new home for Crestview, which is home to the 7th Special Forces Group of the American Army, settled on the northern border of the Eglin Air Force Base Reservation 6 miles to the south of the city.

There is a myriad of exciting activities that can be enjoyed in Crestview, FL, ranging from visiting museums to taking a stroll through parks and watching shows.

Here are the most popular activities to enjoy within Crestview, FL.

23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Crestview (FL)

1. Fun at Allen Park

Allen Park is among the most popular places to visit Allen Park is among the top places to visit in Crestview, FL, especially for children. You can play in the park and enjoy breathing in the air and enjoying the beautiful landscape.

This 8-acre area of recreation located on McClelland Street includes a kid’s playground and playground, softball court, outdoor basketball court, as well as a youth social center.

When under the supervision of an adult, Teenagers have the opportunity to enjoy an environment that is safe where they can enjoy watching TV, playing pool, and board games, completing their assignments, or socializing

Kids think that the water park is great. On Wednesdays, you can take an uninvolved line dancing class which is very entertaining.

The Park has a wonderful track to run or walk as well as a covered fitness area and picnic tables with roofs, and a splash pool for kids, which eliminates the requirement for lifeguard supervision.

Address: Allen Park, Michigan 48101, USA

2. Emerald Coast Zoo

A trip to the Emerald Coast Zoo is one of the most enjoyable things to take part in when you are living during your time in Crestview, FL, and you shouldn’t skip it for anything.

At the Emerald Coast Zoo, you can meet some animals, and even touch the animals. Kangaroos, lemurs and sloths, and bears are just a number of the species that you can find in the Zoo.

If you have the passion to do it, you could witness the lion eat its prey. However, if you’re looking for something different there is the option of feeding the herbivores, such as zebras, giraffes, and parakeets. Of course, it’s fine to try both If you’re interested.

In addition, you can get an in-depth view of alligators, take a bird feed, or even ride on a camel. It is also possible to get to know the Reptile person who visits the zoo often along with his children.

The Emerald Coast Zoo is located on Deer Springs Drive in Crestview and you will also discover a wonderful gift shop selling unique souvenirs.

Address: 5262 Deer Springs Rd, Crestview, FL 32539, USA

3. Twin Hills Park

One of the most enjoyable activities you can do when visiting Crestview, FL, is to relax and enjoy the fun with your family at Twin Hills Park. The whole family will love this park.

Children love watching and feeding fish, turtles, and ducks, so taking them along is a great idea.

The Park is situated in the middle of Crestview, Florida, seated on 24 acres of land located on East Highway 90,

The amenities that make it a Park an attraction of note include the community center, children’s playground, and dog park, as well as picnic tables, pavilions, courts for basketball and volleyball, and much more.

There’s plenty you can do to keep you busy and the Park is ideal for picnics with the family and is surrounded by beautiful plants. Additionally, it has serene areas to let your thoughts.

The breathtaking views and stunning scenery create the perfect backdrop for the best family photos.

Address: 100 Hathaway St S, Crestview, FL 32539, USA

4. Countryview Park

Countryview Park is among the most recent parks that have joined the Crestview Parks and Recreation network. It’s a charming little park with playground equipment for kids and plenty of activity areas.

A picnic shelter that is covered with a playground, drinking fountains, and restrooms are included in this 33-acre green area.

The field that is enclosed is perfect for dogs, humans as well as children to run and play. This disc golf course measures about 2.7 miles in length.

Visitors to the park are able to access the park via Northview Drive, on the west side of Jeffrey Scot Drive.

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CountryView Park is a favorite local attraction for those living within the CountryView Subdivision and the southern portion of Crestview.

Address: Northview Park Dr, Crestview, FL 32536, USA

5. Baker Block Museum

If you’re interested in discovering the background of Okaloosa county, this could be an excellent alternative among the many attractions you can visit when traveling to Crestview, FL.

Baker Block Museum is an amazing Museum only 13 minutes away from Crestview. It is a Native history and ancestry exhibit that highlights the past of the Florida Panhandle, especially Okaloosa County.

The Museum is a historical park with a mill and post office, a corn crib, and a blacksmith shop along with artifacts, antiques, and tools.

The North Okaloosa Historical Association Inc was founded in the year 1992, by Jeanette as well as Charles Henderson, who is the Museum’s patron.

The museum aims to educate the public about the significance of historical events as well as technological advancements.

For example, learn details about Spanish conquerors, the effects on Native American culture, the expansion of the railroad industry, and the establishment of the US military.

Address: 1307 State Rd. 4 & FL-189, Baker, FL 32531, USA

6. Durell Lee Park

Durell Lee Park has the most popular amateur baseball and softball field located in Northwest Florida. The baseball field in this field is definitely worth having on the list of activities that you could do when visiting Crestview, FL, especially when you have children who love baseball.

Durel Lee Park covers 10 acres. Within there are three baseball/softball fields and a T-ball pitch, an enclosed press box structure, and an eatery.

While only benches with no shade for spectators are offered The field is maintained with lighting perfect for games in the evening.

Positively, the teams have shelter dugouts. This means that the children are protected against the sun. Apart from softball and baseball, The park is perfect for running or taking an outing.

Address: 1898 E 1st Ave, Crestview, FL 32539, USA

7. Carver-Hill Museum

The study of African American history at Carver-Hill Museum is among the top things you can explore during your stay in Crestview, FL.

At the beginning of the 1950s in the 1950s, the Okaloosa Negro Civic Club built a community park in the area. The Carver-Hill Museum, which is home to an array of items related to the African American history of Okaloosa was established in the 1950s by the late Mrs. Caroline Baker.

The modern and newly constructed building located on McClelland Street is operated by the Carver-Hill Memorial and Historical Society, Inc.

In addition to serving as an institution, the Carver-Hill Museum also functions as a venue for major events that take place in the city.

A prime example of an event that is hosted at the Museum is the Carver-Hill May Day Festival. It is possible to watch your children compete in Junior sporting events while eating.

Address: 895 McClelland St, Crestview, FL 32536, USA

8. Blackstone Country Club

Blackstone Golf Course in Walton County, Florida, offers 18 holes of great golf, excellent amenities, and outstanding service. Although the course is difficult, however, the pace is manageable.

Blackstone Golf Course is presently considered to be one of the top courses in the region. It is an iconic place of interest.

When the course tests your skills while you relax, the serene and beautiful surroundings are worth every minute you put into the course.

The course is characterized by multiple elevation changes and fairways that slope downwards, a typical feature of Golf courses located in Florida.

There are a few obstacles on this course of golf that will test your skill include fairways, traps for sand along with water hazards.

Address: 108 Blackstone Ln, Defuniak Springs, FL 32433, USA

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9. Crestview Spanish Trail Park

Numerous structures, such as the 26-acre Crestview Spanish Trail Park are found in Crestview. The park is located just off North Ferdon Boulevard on Stillwell Boulevard.

The Park is tranquil and well-maintained It is an ideal place for children to play. Additionally, it’s close to one of the oldest places known as the Old Spanish Tail.

The Park also offers an adult softball facility and also has a soccer league in the fall. There are two additional softball fields.

Other facilities you can get at the park include restrooms as well as grills, a gazebo the farmer’s market, as well as other facilities that are open to the public.

The vast areas that are not yet developed include a myriad of events, including the annual fair and ball games and private rental, and community gatherings throughout the year. It’s one of the most popular places to go within Crestview, FL.

Address: Stillwell Blvd, Crestview, FL 32539, USA

10. The Wild Olive

To create a memorable experience take a dinner out with friends and family on Wild Olive. Wild Olive.

Wild Olive is an Italian-styled restaurant that first opened its doors in 2007 as a basic dining experience that was primarily designed for group breakfasts and dinners.

The restaurant is distinctive and adaptable as it strives to create an atmosphere that resembles dining at a family’s house with comfortable and homey décor elements that are scattered throughout the dining space.

Regional menus include dishes such as chicken parmesan and pasta alfredo fettuccine, which is served with Southern-styled land and sea options like shrimp that have been blackened and buttermilk-fried chicken.

For lunch, choose from a menu of innovative sandwiches and burgers, or you can serve small bites like bacon-wrapped or fried pickles, or bacon-fried Jalapenos.

Restaurants can serve home-cooked buttermilk pancakes and bread pudding or French toast for breakfast.

Visit Wild Olives for a variety of delicious treats any time of the day. There’s always something delicious to satisfy your appetite and desires.

Address: 797 N Pearl St, Crestview, FL 32536, USA

11. Palmer Riding Academy

Have you ever dreamed of learning how to ride a horse? Take advantage of the chance to learn more about it at Palmer Riding Academy,

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The magnificent equestrian center is accessible to those who live in Crestview and the surrounding communities like Fort Walton Beach, Holt Milton, and Fort Walton Beach. Milton.

Palmer Riding Academy is in Holt located in Holt, which is just a 14 minute drive away from Crestview. It is a reputable training facility with experienced trainers who will take care of your horse.

The Palmer Riding Academy’s owners have invested a lot of energy into making your interactions with the horses fun and enjoyable.

Get affordable lessons accessible to anyone who is interested. There’ll never be any dull moment for your children because tournaments are held throughout the year.

Address: 4845 Galiver Cutoff, Holt, FL 32564, USA

12. Peaden Brothers Distillery

Visit the Peaden Brothers Distillery to see the latest equipment, observe their processes of operation and taste some samples.

The family-owned Distillery is known as Peaden Brothers Distillery, nestled in the Crestview’s old Fox Theater structure, opened in 1945. It has since undergone some changes.

Tyler Peaden and Robert Ellis are the Distillery’s co-owners. They established the business in the year 2014 by making spirits using traditional moonshine and family-owned alcohol.

Peaden Brothers Distillery is a retailer of five different spirits all the way through, including Strawberry Angel Whiskey, devoted to the deceased daughter of Peaden himself.

Two spirits, Blue Berry Curve and Cherry Da Bomb have strawberry and blueberry flavors as Shock the Monkey gives off an aroma of banana.

The Distillery also produces an alcoholic moonshine made of corn, which emits a typical moonshine tang from the bootleg.

You are invited to sample the distillery’s liquor in its tasting room between Wednesday and Saturday in the afternoon.

Address: 382 Main St, Crestview, FL 32536, USA

13. Hub City Smokehouse and Grill

Go to Hub City Smokehouse and Grill known as a renowned barbecue restaurant in Crestview which was founded in 2011 by the couple Lori and Mike Carroll,

The restaurant, which moved to its current location in 2015, provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day during the workweek. The restaurant is open on Mondays and Saturdays starting at 6:00 am.

Specials, like St. Louis baby-back ribs beef brisket, beef ribs, and smoked pig are included in barbecue dishes as well as sides such as cole slaw, potato salad as well as baked beans.

Appetizers such as cheddar fries and loaded nachos onion rings tower barbecue sandwiches are available every day.

Order fresh eggs, breakfast omelets and buttermilk pancake stacks, and BBQ breakfast sandwiches for breakfast.

If you are a foodie and food, a visit to Hub City Smokehouse and Grill is a perfect option to add to your list of top activities you can do while within Crestview, FL.

Address: 168 S Main St, Crestview, FL 3253 6, USA

14. Shoal River Shooting Center

Shooting for sports at the Shoal River Shooting range is a must-see spot on your list of things to do when you are in Crestview, FL, especially when you are looking to experience something different.

The area of 73 acres of Shoal River in the Shoal area is a wonderful area to practice shooting with a beautiful backdrop of scrub oak and pine.

You will have a great time in each of their shoot areas at the center. Anyone, from a skilled professional to a novice, is invited to utilize the range to develop their shooting skills.

The shooting center is equipped with safety instructors to instruct you through the use of different firearms, especially if you’re a brand novice to shooting.

Furthermore, their sporting pro store is stocked with a broad range of guns and accessories for used and new firearms. The Center offers top-quality service at reasonable prices.

Address: 3985 US-90, Crestview, FL 32539, USA

15. Timber Creek Distillery

Aaron Barnes, a master in the art of the Distillery along with his business associate of his, Camden Ford, established Timber Creek Distillery, a family-owned business in 2014.

The Distillery is located in a distillation facility of 26,000 square feet and a taproom, which is back in operation following a string of changes. It is a wonderful perspective of Juniper Creek’s beautiful banks.

The best alcoholic drinks are made from the crops that grow in Florida such as Rye whiskey, a vast selection of single-malts, and reserve, made of locally grown maize, black Rye, and soft winter wheat in red.

Rums are made from the Louisiana-sourced Gulf Coast cane molasses, and specialized alcohol drinks include regional flavors of fruits like muscarinic, strawberry, and peach.

Go to the Distillery to find out more about how a good cocktail is made, get close to the equipment and follow each step of the process.

The Distillery offers guided tours and tastings in its tasting rooms which are open every day of the summer.

Address: 6451 Lake Ella Rd, Crestview, FL 32539, USA

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16. Shoal River Wayside Park

Are you unsure of what you can accomplish to do in Crestview, FL? Go fishing with your buddies and family members at Shoal River Wayside Park; After that, you can cook your fish and then have lunch.

Shoal River Wayside Park is a fantastic recreational area close to the Shoal River, South of Crestview, FL. It is well-maintained and includes an accessible boat ramp along the river.

Toilets, parking areas garbage cans ramps for handicapped people, handicapped parking as well as a playground. the eight pavilions for picnics comprise just a few amenities at the Park.

It is also a gorgeous small rural oasis. It is possible to cook barbecued meals in any of the Pavilions before launching your fishing boat or launch.

Take bug repellent with you to visit Shoal the River’s Wayside Park as there is some mosquito problems.

Address: 05-2N-23-0000-0002-0010, Crestview, FL 32539, United States

17. Reichert Performance Horses

If you’re looking for a unique equestrian experience, go to Reichert Performance Horses. There are many great horse stables on Trawick Creek Road, but Reichert Performance Horses is terrific.

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The trainers on the ground provide the same service to customers as horses and horses in the stable. The trainers are skilled and professional. The stable is open to riders from different levels of experience.

Trainers also offer programs of instruction that ensure the physical and emotional well-being of each horse.

The requirements specific to each level of riders as well as their horses are met within this course. This stable can be found in Holt located just a 17-minute drive away from Crestview.

Address: 973 Trawick Creek Rd, Holt, FL 32564, USA

18. Beaver Creek Park

Beaver Creek Park is an ideal spot to visit If you’re looking for an energizing and peaceful environment to relax.

The residents of John King road are fortunate to be able to relax in the park frequently. The park is located in Mill Pond Cove towards the close of the cul-de-sac. It is a great spot for picnics with the family, which include Barbeque Grill stands and a small pond for fishing.

Alternately, you can take your kids fishing in the pond. However, the lily pads and Hydrilla occasionally overrun the pond.

Address: 133 Mill Pond Cove, Crestview, FL 32539, USA

19. Pounders Hawaiian Grill

Skylar Peters and Kakela Peters, a married couple, founded Pounders Hawaiian Grill in 2014 as a food truck that travels around the country serving delicious Hawaiian dishes made with”the “Aloha Spirit.”

The restaurant, which put its permanent location in Crestview in the year 2015, now serves all its food in take-out containers, while remaining in line with its grills that are mobile.

Three kinds of Hawaiian-style beef plates are offered, which include tiny Kine platters that take names from a Hawaiian word that means “just enough.”

There are also standard and pounder sizes and meat options such as garlic chicken, teriyaki steak, and kalua, all of which you’ll certainly appreciate.

Enjoy every meal with side dishes such as macaroni salad, or any of the many delicious canned juices made in Hawaii.

Address: 1338 N Ferdon Blvd, Crestview, FL 32536, USA

20. Baker Arena

Rodeos can be difficult to find, particularly for those who live in a metropolitan area. bring back the cowboy in Baker Arena.

If you are looking for exciting and fun events for exciting and thrilling events, Baker Arena is a great place to be. Baker Arena is an excellent place to be. Dog and horse show Many working cow events weddings, family reunions, and horse shows are also available at the Baker Arena.

It is the Baker Arena Rodeo is held at this camp in the springtime. The campground includes 29 RV campsites with electric and water supply Two arenas with 196 stands as well as snack stores.

Relax in the comfort of this stunning location on Highway 4 that is created for the enjoyment of visitors as well as security and safety.

Check out the playground with picnic tables, a walk, an archery range and a leisure center. Baker Arena is in Baker just 12 minutes from Crestview.

Address: 5503 FL-4, Baker, FL 32531, USA

21. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Cracker Barrel Old Country Store is a great place to dine out and relax after a long day of adventure in Crestview.

The restaurant is located at the Interstate by exit 56. Cracker Barrel boasts spectacular regional-style cooking.

A fireplace as well as fascinating Americana are placed on the walls in the area where the restaurant is located. The parking space is big enough to accommodate tractor-trailers, RVs and all kinds of vehicles.

In addition, there’s a fully-equipped gift shop within The Cracker Barrel Old Country Store for you to buy a few gifts to send your family and friends back home.

Address: 636 67th St. Cir. E., Bradenton, FL 34208, USA

22. Panhandle Opry

The top musical medley event at Crestview includes The Panhandle Opry; as such it’s only right to attend a show there and even more enjoyable when you’re with a friend or your entire family.

The show first debuted in 1979, when it featured an ensemble of country and Bluegrass music stars, including Ed Strickland, Betty Jones as well as Gordon Porter.

The show began as a normal radio show at The Crestview’s WAAZ and Springs WGTX radio stations.

Panhandle Opry acquired a permanent location located in Mossy Head in 1982, which is where they began producing amazing performances every two weeks from 1992.

After watching the spectacular entertainment, you can indulge in American specials like hot dogs, popcorn, and hamburgers at the snack bar on the grounds.

Address: 657 DeShazo Rd, Crestview, FL 32539, USA

23. Emerald Isle Seafood Restaurant and Market

Emerald Isle Seafood Restaurant and Market

You won’t regret going to Emerald Isle Seafood Restaurant and Market particularly if you like eating seafood.

As with many other establishments in Crestview like many others in Crestview, the Emerald Isle Seafood Restaurant and Market which serves delicious seafood directly from the Gulf Coast, is a family-owned company.

The market restaurant is open for full service and serves dinner and lunch on Monday through Saturday. It is well-known for its chef’s signature dishes.

The most popular meals served on the menu include combinations of surf and turf and freshly caught dinners that offer the choice of grilling or fried, blackened, or broiled seafood choices.

Fried Catches Fried Catches showcase Mississippi catfish, Gulf shrimp, homemade crab cakes, scallops and Hush puppies, and other sides such as cheese grits, Fried okra.

You are invited to choose your fish choices on the market, which are fresh by fishermen from the Gulf.

The restaurant in the market is perfect for you when you’re planning an evening out with your partner.

Address: 1260 S Ferdon Blvd, Crestview, FL 32536, USA

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Plan Your Trip to Crestview

The only thing you’ll not find in the city of Crestview, Florida, is an uninteresting moment since the city is a remarkable mix of wonderful recreational areas and romantic sites popular entertainment spots, and much more.

Certain attractions are so captivating that it’s uncomfortable to be in a place by yourself So it’s recommended to go to the city with your family or family members.


Crestview, FL is an exciting city with lots of energy and excitement. From beautiful lakes and parks and thrilling sports, cultural adventures and delicious restaurants There is plenty to do for everyone in the city. 

If you’re either a resident or a visitor be sure to take a look at the top 23 enjoyable activities to enjoy every moment in Crestview. Take your bags out and prepare for a truly memorable trip to this beautiful city.


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