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Unknown Facts About Content Personalisation In Marketing

Content personalization is a really powerful tool that allows you to differentiate your content at different stages of the customer journey, to help it be hyper-relevant to the right user at the right time.

Content personalization is a powerful tool in the arsenal of any content marketer. Personalizing content maximizes the return on your creation efforts, as it’s tailored to potential and existing customers at their specific stage of the customer journey, which increases the likelihood of their positive engagement. It can take a long time to perfect but the results are powerful and the benefits worthwhile.

Let’s explore this further!

Benefits of content personalization include:

Content personalization makes your message more targeted and relevant to a specific audience at a particular point in time.

Personalized content leads to higher conversion rates. For example, research has shown that personalized calls to action within content can result in a 42% higher conversion rate than generic calls to action that aren’t personalized.

Ultimately, content personalization drives a connection with your audience which increases brand affinity. Customers whose experiences are nurtured with personalized content produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities.

Segmenting content intelligently drives efficiency and avoids wastage of irrelevant content creation.

Personalized content is highly relevant content, which meets and adapts to the changing needs and interests of your audience. Remember, no two customers are the same, so you shouldn’t treat them the same. You can massively enhance and humanize your content strategy by simply treating your customers like the individuals they are! At its core, personalization is about driving sales by nurturing individual customer relationships. It’s about listening, and showing that you care.

Leverage customer data: are they a website visitor? A newsletter subscriber? A former customer? You can use what you know about your customer’s attributes and behaviours, as well as what stage they’re at in the customer journey. For example, current and former customers should be targeted with different content than a new lead. If done well, this kind of personalization can help accelerate the conversion of your customers.

Target your messaging: you can use your insights into your customer’s behaviours and preferences to tailor content to engage them. This can be achieved through a number of simple methods, such as emailing a promotional offer that’s tailored to a customer’s previous buying behaviours, or specific product recommendations based on their browsing history on your website.

Measure and analyze: as you develop content for different customer segments at different stages of the customer journey, you will gain a better understanding of what’s effective with each group based on the content they consume, in terms of their education and awareness. When a sale closes, you can analyze the content they engaged with throughout their customer journey to see what impact it made.

Online video platform for business Vidyard, created bespoke video follow-ups for all of their leads. The man in the video addresses the intended recipient by name and makes reference to his colleagues in the video. This approach is extremely time-consuming but for high-value clients being targeted, it could pay dividends on return!

Fashion brand H&M builds in item recommendation engines into its e-commerce platform. This allows for accessory suggestions and also ideas on similar outfits to appear as auto-generated lists based off the user’s input with the site. These lists not only demonstrate the brand’s appearing interest in its customers’ needs and preferences, but it’s also a very shrewd way of driving even more sales!

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